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Fast & Free

LCA add-on

LCAlink is an Autodesk Revit Plugin designed for New Zealand to improve the process of carbon calculating with BRANZ LCAquick.


A Simplified Process

01. Fast & Agile

LCAlink is an improved method of collecting data from BIM and exporting it into BRANZ LCAquick. It can be used to adapt an existing project model or define a new model for carbon calculating.


02. NZ Material Database

LCAlink utilises the existing material database provided by BRANZ LCAquick within Autodesk Revit, enhancing the user’s ability to assign LCA materials to their Revit model.


03. Export To LCAquick

Once your project has been assigned the relevant LCA materials you can export your whole project directly into BRANZ LCAquick to calculate and give a result.

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Why Use LCAlink?

LCAlink aims to improve BRANZ LCAquick’s effectiveness in the industry by streamlining the speed of assigning materials and exporting data out of Autodesk Revit. The add-on provides a user-friendly interface for managing the project and its material library. The end result is a simplified and easy transition from Autodesk Revit into the BRANZ LCAquick’s Excel document.




As a small-business user of BRANZ LCAquick, we quickly noticed both the limitations and potential of the tool. The aim has always been to improve the BRANZ LCAquick process of carbon calculating. With our industry experience and understanding of Autodesk Revit and BRANZ LCAquick, we were able to develop the add-on LCAlink without any financial support. We are passionate about sustainability and support New Zealand’s goal of Net Zero. We strongly believe tools such as LCAlink and BRANZ LCAquick should not be limited to practitioners who can afford them. For that reason, we have made the use of LCAlink free.


We envision carbon calculating to be an everyday component of the design process in NZ and our mission is to try and make it simple, effective, and accessible to all New Zealanders. This is the reason LCAlink is free and why our intention is to keep it like that. By incorporating carbon calculation into the design process, we can begin to compare real-time carbon calculations at each stage of the design and proceed with informed decisions based on comparable data. Our hope is LCAlink will be adapted to improve other LCA tools to support the industry in getting closer to achieving net zero by 2050.


Francisco Carbajal 

Founder of LCAlink

“We hope this tool will save you time when carbon calculating your project and overall encourage more of this to happen in the industry.”


  • How much does LCAlink cost to use?
    LCAlink is 100% free with no join-up or subscription fees. Because we are passionate about sustainability and supporting New Zealand’s goal of Net Zero, we believe that tools such as these should not be limited to only practitioners WHO can afford them.
  • What is LCAlink?
    LCAlink is a plugin for Revit to help assign LCA materials to your model and export material qualities from BIM to LCAquick. You can download LCAlink from our website.


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